Family First

My family and I recently had a family weekend….it was the first of its kind and I hope not the last.  My cousins, sister, brothers and I got together in Washington, DC for Presidents’ weekend and yours truly hosted everyone, go figure (not go figure I am hosting but go figure DC as the destination for Presidents; weekend).  I am not going to lie; I was a bit nervous about the gathering because I was not quite sure all of our strong personalities would last a whole weekend in a small cramped space together without a blow out of some sort.  I was pleasantly surprised that such a thing did not occur.  We spent the weekend exploring the city going to visit different places; among our many stops was the Holocaust Museum, zoo, lunch on 14th Street, and a night out on U Street, the escape room, and an impromptu photoshoot outside a near graffiti wall.  Truly, it did not matter to me so much what we were doing just as long as we were together.  I got the family to even ride the metro system which was an experience in itself.  Everyone in some way was challenged to get out of their comfort zones or to try i.e. like the metro, something new.

It was a weekend filled with deep and light conversations, laughter, crying, prayer, dancing, eating, and oh did I mention laughter….lots of laughter.  It was quite a sight to see.  Everyone pitched in to clean and to cook in my home and as the host that was very much appreciated.  During the last day/what I would call the last final hours we had a debriefing, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  We all reflected on the weekend to see what we liked, could do better, and learned.  We also took this same time to share with each other what the other is up to in life, which really gave me a chance to sort of get caught up on everybody’s life.

What I learned from the weekend was that I could- type-A personality and all, at times, go with the flow.  Life will call on us to go with the flow at times so we just have to listen to that and keep pushing.  They say the quickest way to make the Lord laugh is to make a plan.  I also realized that I was blessed to have a family that genuinely care about one another and who want to foster deeper meaningful relationships with one another.  I am rich when it comes to family…truly I am.  It’s family first in my book. I am so glad that last weekend happened and I am looking forward to more time with my family  I want to hear from my readers, what does family mean to you?  As always thank you for reading.

Until next time,

Take care and be true.

-Gessie Belizaire


Gessie Belizaire is a seasoned program administration professional with an academic background in African Studies and research. Belizaire brings a refreshingly positive take on commitment and works to apply it to her writing and in her relationships both professionally and personally.