Art is life and Providence, Rhode Island is the creative capital. Come check out various local artists who work from their cultural perspective naturally.

Neo Taino  

Neo Taino : Paintings by Joel Rosario Tapia @ SKYE GALLERY

Showing through February 16, 2018

Tapia is an aboriginal urban artist of Puerto Rican descent. Born in Providence,RI, Tapia served two tours in Iraq with the US Army. He is the appointed chief of the Cibuco Bayamon Taino Tribe, a member of the Aboriginal Nations of America. Influenced by indigenous Taino and Hip Hop culture, his work recalls symbols and stories to keep the spirits alive. His unique visual exploration challenges the contemporary dilemma of identity in 2018 America.

Live drumming by Jesus Andujar & Evans Molina Fernandez
Pastelitos & refreshments

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Kindell Brown Photography


Kindell Brown, a Providence Rhode Island native dreamed of being a cartoonist as a child. In 2004, Kindell decided to major in film studies during her undergraduate career at New Jersey City University in hopes of becoming a music video director. While studying out of state, she worked alongside other talented filmmakers creating short films and pursuing her love to create music videos. After graduating from college, Kindell went on to produce several music videos for local Rhode Island Artists. With such an inquisitive mind,Kindell has recently decided to return to the classroom. She enrolled in a digital photography course the summer of 2016 at the University of Rhode Island and immediately fell in love with a new medium that she never considered herself skilled in. Under the mentorship of instructors, Kindell has taken photos to add to her collections: Emptiness Series, Pieces of Her, and street photography including Black Lives Matter events in Providence and surrounding areas.

Kindell’s creativity operates on a scale of chaos in which it allows her to explore multiple mediums of art while developing her own creative artistic ability and talent. She has tremendous capacity to go back and forth between different artistic mediums and allows her artistic form to choose her. Whether it is video production, editing, directing, drawing or photography, Kindell is always creating and collaborating with other local artists. To view Kindell’s work, please visit her website at as well in Taft Hall at the University of Rhode Island.